Banking & Finance


Bank recruitment is more challenging than ever. Why? New innovations such as AI and blockchain are making it difficult for banks and financial institutions to hire tech-savvy workers. To fill the void in this industry, your banking and financial recruitment processes must change. That’s where Acess Global Services comes in. The new avenues facing the Financial services sector in India has catalyzed the need to hire highly talented professionals with exhaustive experience and appropriate skills to address the huge growth potential ahead of the industry. We know that no two companies are alike. We treat every company, and every mandate, differently and provide you with the informed, customized, and expert assistance needed for all your permanent and contract searches for full-time, part-time and/or project-based type positions.

We specialize in recruiting for mid to senior level roles in Banking such as risk, corporate banking, investment and financial services, superannuation, insurance and lending. Our financial recruiters are well connected, dynamic and experienced in the industry. They intricately understand the banking and finance marketplace and have successfully fulfilled the vacancies throughout the nation and abroad.

We offer staffing solutions in following BFSI sectors.

Banking has remained a lucrative career opportunity for enthusiasts belonging to the accounts and commerce field. The growing privatization of the service and new bangs coming up almost every day, growth and salary is no bar for deserving candidates. Numerous options are available for fresher as well as experienced individuals in executive positions, accountancy department, managerial, administrative positions, and many others. This is a constantly expanding field and Acess Global Services brings the best opportunities for both banks and their prospective employees.


With life, becoming more and more unpredictable and financial expenses related to healthcare increasing alarmingly all over the world, Insurance is today a happening field. Insurance companies are always looking for dynamic, young, energetic people to take their company forward and expand their customer base. One can get employment in various fields related to insurance such as Medical Insurance and General Insurance. This includes Actuary, Claim Examiner, Claim Adjuster, Appraiser, Underwriter, Investigator, and Sales Agent besides others as well. Come explore the opportunities at Acess Global Services!

Stock Broking

Stock broking, as everybody knows, is the make or break field! Of course, it is not a cup of tea for everybody! So if you are ready to take chances and love the allure and excitement of playing BIG MONEY, this is the field for you. Acess Global Services brings a host of opportunities to make stock broking a career choice. You may work as an investment consultant with Credit Unions and Banks or be a successful broker in the financial industry.

Financial Services

Financial services as the name implies is a vast field that offers numerous career opportunities to deserving candidates. It can be an ideal absorption point for business graduates. This multifaceted industry offers varied positions and most of these are available with Acess Global Services staffing solutions. We offer employment solutions for corporate finance industries, commercial, and investment banking, hedge funds, venture capitalists, and public accounting firms.