Managed Services


A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a contingent and/or statement of work management solution implemented by an external organization that combines process, personal expertise and technology to support an organization’s gig, temporary, temp-to-hire, direct hire, independent contractor administration, Statement of Work (SOW) hiring and other complex services such as vendor management. There is a spectrum of organizations seeking MSP staffing services – some are looking for the first time, others have mature programs focused on driving continuous improvements and others that are transitioning into a Total Workforce Solution. When an organization partners with an MSP provider to outsource its contingent staffing and SOW management, the MSP provider assumes all or portions of an organization’s procurement or HR functions, managing the contingent staffing lifecycle from requisition through invoicing and payment. They are often HR Generalists between the Supplier community who employ the workers and the Hiring Managers working within a client’s organization. In addition, they are often workforce consultants who provide insights into the ever-changing talent landscape and workforce needs of a client.

An MSP provider works alongside a client’s internal HR and Procurement teams and can perform its duties remotely and onsite at a client’s facility. Below, we highlight a few reasons why organizations seek MSP providers, and conversely, when MSP may not be a good fit:


  • If your organization is looking for better cost control amongst your staffing vendors
  • If your organization wants faster access to high-quality talent through vendors, directly sourced or through other hiring vehicles
  • If your organization is looking for greater compliance protection from potential litigation due to worker misclassification across all categories of non-permanent workers
  • If your organization is looking for more detailed reporting, workforce analytics and key insights to make better and more informed contingent labor decisions
  • If your organization is looking for a workforce consultant to advise them on labor trends and custom solutions that will work within your culture.
by Acess Global Services

“Choosing a technology is almost child’s play compared to finding the talent to make sure it gets deployed properly. Tech is expensive, but people are more so. Especially when the technology is popular and the skills are in demand.”


  • If your organization is not comfortable or willing to have an external organization manage your contingent workforce and SOW needs
  • If internal stakeholders are not ready for a centralized program and are still operating in decentralized governance.
  • If your contingent workforce volume isn’t high enough to justify the use/cost of an MSP