Contract To Hire


Contract to Hire brings a whole spectrum of flexibility in choosing the most- fit candidates across all the staffing needs. We are committed to provide a full range of highly scalable and efficient resources and meet our client’s expectations. We help leverage the gap and build the expectations between our customers and the selected candidates who eventually can be hired for permanent full – time basis from short term contract.

Our Contract – To Hire Services Model is highly responsive, Customer centric, non- compromising and business value driven. We empower our Clients by decreasing their attrition, reducing HR & operational cost, mitigate risk, reduce administrative responsibilities and flexibility in hiring the staff with business core competencies.

Acess Global Services have made a pathway for several of our clients to support them with their ambitions to create headway in the competitive world of business by increasing their ROI.

by Acess Global Services

Our clients think “big” and we are there to support them in their ambitions to make headway in the competitive world of business.